Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microwave Cooking

Microwave cooking has become an essential part of our kitchen for many reasons; they help us heat and cook almost anything from a cup of coffee to full diners. However, did you ever stop and think how depend you are of your microwave and whether you should indulge in its use as often as you do; let us explore together some of the advantages and disadvantages of microwave cooking. The main disadvantages of microwave cooking is that the waves usually destroys the vitamins and minerals found in most fresh foods as well as it does not cook to perfection any dish but merely warms it up to the degree you desire. Microwaves can at times destroy some taste and flavor in some dishes and if not careful it will burn others for example popcorn will almost always get done long before the time mentioned on the bag so you have to stand by and pay attention in order not to burn them.

The Advantages of Microwave Cooking

There are however many more advantages then disadvantages in a microwave and that is the reasons why they are so popular for example, anyone can cook in a microwave because it does not have a flame and therefore it cannot make a live fire; most frozen diners are microwave friendly and also the fact that the microwave is always faster then any oven or gas range. Microwave cooking is fast and easy therefore most of us use it on a regular basis when we want to make a quick breakfast, lunch or diner without any mess of wasting any time of cooking the traditional way.

Shopping For a Microwave

Because microwaves have become so popular and a must in all households, you can find one in any department stores at prices starting from $50 however, before you jump at a cheap microwave think about how much you are going to use and mainly for what purposes and here is the reason behind these thoughts: if you use the microwave for daily cooking and heating you may need a good brand name and a larger version so you can do couple of dinners at a time, while if you are getting a microwave just for occasional use the, an inexpensive one should do just fine.

Helpful Tips

You will always end up using your microwave more then you though you would so, invest in a good microwave, which will turn out to save you money in the long run by lasting longer then you thought it would. Remember not to leave children handle the microwave without supervision as some things may catch fire if placed too high in the microwave.


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